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About Mariana & Her Team

My Background:
I am Mariana, from Sorocaba, a city 80 km from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have a degree in Journalism, but most of my life, I worked in Car Dealerships, as a salesperson or manager, for brands like Toyota, Honda, General Motors, etc.
Moving to Ireland:
In 2015, my son had finished college, and I thought it was a good moment to have a break, learn English, and, mostly, have an adventure. That’s when I decided to move to Ireland!

I got my first job in Ireland in a cleaning company, and because I was a cleaning freak with a talent for sales, I got promoted to supervisor. My initial plans were to stay in Ireland for a year, but I met my partner, who is Irish, fell in love with him and with the country.  

    Starting Samba Cleaning:

Six years later, I have no plans to leave, feeling as much Irish as Brazilian. The idea to start a cleaning company came naturally when I realized I could put together my two passions, cleaning and business. I started in May 2019 cleaning common areas in apartment blocks for BMG Property Management.

Soon I started to get other clients by recommendation from people who were satisfied with the work we were doing. Currently, I have a team of seven cleaners, all Brazilians with a similar background to mine and the same passion for excellence.

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